Office of Grants Facilitation

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Xenia Morin, Ph.D., is the associate dean and liaison for sponsored programs. She leads the office, which is a unit of the Office of the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Her principal mission is to increase the visibility of school and experiment station researchers and to help position them strategically to take full advantage of all large-scale, multidisciplinary funding opportunities.

In addition, her office provides grantsmanship training and consultation, disseminates relevant and timely information about funding opportunities and agency programmatic initiatives, sponsors research-focused events, suggests potential internal and external collaborations, prepares researchers for funding agency meetings, and contributes content on an as-needed basis.

She also directs and coordinates new initiatives to make our scientific instrumentation and expertise visible and available to the broader campus and corporate communities and oversees our on-going investment in building the research infrastructure on campus.

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  2. Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Office of Grants Facilitation: A Research Funding Resource